A big thank you to all of our sponsors! Our success depends on the support of our generous sponsors. Scroll down to see our current sponsors, as well as our sponsor packages. If you are interested in becoming a Team 303 sponsor, please contact us.

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Platinum Surveyor

Golden Opportunity

Silver Spirit

Bronze Pathfinder

Copper Curiousity



Cafe Picasso

Masala Art

Home Depot


Amazing Cakes


Dunkin’ Donuts


The Bridgewater Bakery

Bagel Garden

Fresh Market



Sponsor Benefits

Platinum Surveyor: $10,000+ Private demonstration/presentation from team; Buttons for team members to wear displaying sponsor logo; All Golden Opportunity Benefits

Golden Opportunity: $5,000-9,999 Sponsor name announced during competitions; Sponsor basket (T-shirt, premiums, thank you letter); All Silver Spirit Benefits

Silver Spirit: $1,000-4,999 Button Display (sponsor buttons); Name at end of team videos (used for awards, ceremonies, etc.); All Bronze Pathfinder Benefits

Bronze Pathfinder: $500-999 Sponsor logo with link to sponsor website on team website; Acknowledgement through display on robot; Name on pamphlet; All Copper Curiosity Benefits

Copper Curiosity: $1-499 “Thank you” poster/team photo Invitation to team events