Team Organization

Students on The T.E.S.T. Team can belong to two groups, the Build Team and Team Development. Students on the build side focus on everything relating to the robot including programming, strategy, and electronics. Team Development (TD) focuses on the general operations of the team such as imagery, fundraising, and outreach. Both sides of the team support each other in many ways, and some students choose to be involved in both. Both sides of the team work together, and could not function independently. Build students often come to outreach events, and TD students cheer on the robot in the stands. Within the two halves, there are many subteams, where students can focus on more specialized tasks.


Build Captain

The Build Captain will oversee all of the Build SLC members progress and help manage team members.

Mechanical Leader

The Mechanical subteam has jurisdiction over any task that deals with the mechanical elements of the robot. This includes but is not limited to designing the mechanical structure of the robot. The Design subteam is responsible for creating all 3D rendered models of the robot and its parts, as well as making sure that all models are kept up to date and are finished in an orderly time frame with robot design.

Electrical Leader

The Electrical subteam has jurisdiction over anything relating to the wiring and electrical systems placed on the robot.

Programming Leader

The Programming subteam has jurisdiction over anything relating to the software, robot controls, design of the autonomous code, and driver controls.

Strategy Leader

The Strategy subteam has jurisdiction over all inter team interaction that directly deals with the robot and the game. This includes game discussions at competition.

Team Development

Team Development Captain

The TD Captain will oversee all of the TD SLC members progress and help manage team members.

Team Achievement Leader

Achievements shall have jurisdiction over any project dealing with or relating to interaction with judges. This includes but is not limited to the Chairman’s Award essay, making sure the website meets the qualifications for the Website Award, and talking to judges at the competition.

Business Leader

Business has jurisdiction over any event in which the team’s primary focus is fundraising. This includes but is not limited to bake sales, concessions at other events, and paid activities such as movie night.

Branding Leader

The Branding subteam has jurisdiction over anything that involves the “face of the team.” This includes all written pieces or presentations created for organizations outside of Team 303 which portray our team and/or affect the team’s brand, image, and/or reputation.

Community Outreach Leader

Outreach has jurisdiction over any and all projects dealing with non-fundraising team interactions between the immediate area, such as the School District, local charity groups, and the community.

In addition to these subteams, members of Team 303 can also participate in any of these groups.

Pit Crew

Comprised of the Build Captain, Drive Team, and several other team members, Pit Crew is responsible for fixing the robot during competitions. Pit Crew also talks to judges during events and interacts with other teams in the pit.

Drive Team

These 4 students try out every year and have the privilege of piloting the robot during competitions. There is one Coach, one Driver, one Operator, one Technician, and one Human Player for the 2019 season. 

Chairman's Team

The Chairman’s team is hand selected by TD SLC to present the 2019 script which includes information about what we do as a team to help our community.

Web Design/Development

Constantly updating and debugging both of the team’s websites, students with various talents make up the Web Des/Dev team. Students are involved in both the aesthetic design and programming of the website.

Safety Team

 Led by our Safety Captain, these members contribute to the team in a very important way. Safety team members ensure everyone is free from danger at all times, and aim to spread safety throughout FIRST.

CAD Team

Our CAD Team utilizes Computer-aided design programs to plan out the framework of our robot and create custom parts needed to construct it.

Parents and Mentors

The team parents and mentors are part of Team 303 RAMP, or, the Robotics Alliance of Mentors and Parents. Team 303 RAMP is a 501(c)3 organization, and works to support the students by mentoring them, providing additional funding, and organizing, such as concession stands at events and travel arrangements.

RAMP Website
Jamie Yedloutschnig2019Team Development Captain
Nicholas Schueler2020Build Captain
Natasha Mody2021Team Achievement Lead
Krishna Mody2020Business Lead
William Totten2020Branding Lead
Sneha Yalgi2020Community Outreach Lead
Ashima Taneja2021Strategy Lead
Jonah Schneiderman2019Mechanical Lead
William Busler2020Electrical Lead
Ameya Vaidya2020Programming Lead
Ethan Weinstock2019CAD Lead

Co-President – Ed Schueler

Co-President – John Buxbaum

Vice President – Fred Busler

Secretary – Joyce Zier

Treasurer – Jeanne Kulesa

Associate Member – Jane Schneiderman

Associate Member – Michael White

Associate Member – Ajay Saxena

Adi Thakkar2020
Abhi Saxena2020
Sid Taneja2020
Jason Pasquale2020
Seejal Padhi2020