Team Organization

Students on Team 303 can be involved with team affairs and leadership in a variety of ways.

Parents and Mentors

The team parents and mentors are part of Team 303 RAMP, or, the Robotics Alliance of Mentors and Parents. Team 303 RAMP is a 501(c)3 organization, and works to support the students by mentoring them, providing additional funding, and organizing, such as concession stands at events and travel arrangements.

RAMP Website
Natasha Mody2021Team Manager
Nick Schueler2020Team Manager
Cory White2020Team Manager
Shruti Agarwal2022Events Supervisor
Luke Dziedzic2021Competition Environment Supervisor
Suhas Julapalli2021Assistant Equipment Supervisor
Amogh Jupalli2022Preseason Training Supervisor
Praga Kalatheeswaran2022Student Welfare Supervisor
Parker Lawton2022Preseason Training Supervisor
Shivangi Mehra2020Liaison Supervisor
Robbie Mente2020Competition Environment Supervisor
Krishna Mody2020Liaison Supervisor
Jason Pasquale2020Equipment Supervisor
Parth Singh2022Robot Fabrication Supervisor
Aanya Srinivasan2022Awards Preparation Supervisor
Adi Thakkar2020Robot Fabrication Supervisor
Will Totten2020Student Welfare Supervisor
Sneha Yalgi2020Events Supervisor
Shruti Agarwal2022Engineering Inspiration Award Coordinator
Nikhil Bhalla2023Entrepreneurship Award Coordinator
Vishnu Bindiganavile2021Programming Coordinator
Ben Busler2020Safety Coordinator
Will Busler2020Control Systems Coordinator
Julia Holz2020Competition Scouting Coordinator
Praga Kalatheeswaran2022Business Plan & Field Components Coordinator
Amogh Jupalli2022Safety & Robot Assembly Coordinator
Parker Lawton2022Control Systems Coordinator
Aarav Mathur2022Fundraising Coordinator
Shuby Mehra2023Sponsor Relations Coordinator
Robbie Mente2020CNC Coordinator
Jiya Mody2023FTC/FRC, Inventory & Outreach Coordinator
Michaela Moran2020Website & Premiums and Pit Design Coordinator
Seejal Padhi2020Sponsor Relations Coordinator
Sheetal Padhi2020Fundraising & Business Plan Coordinator
Ellie Polyakov2021Premiums and Pit Design Coordinator
Matthew Quispe2022Website Coordinator
Harseehrat Saran2023FLL Coordinator
Abhi Saxena
2020Robot Assembly Coordinator
Sreevatsan Sidhartan2022Equipment Coordinator
Parth Singh2022CAD Coordinator
Krish Singla2023Business Plan Coordinator
Aanya Srinivisan2022Competition Scouting Coordinator
Ashima Taneja2021Robot Strategy & Strategy Coordinator
Ameya Vaidya2020Programming Coordinator
Anisha Verma2022FLL Jr & Advertising Coordinator
Sneha Yalgi2020Entrepreneurship Award Coordinator

Co-President – Srikant Bindiganavile

Co-President – Ed Schueler

Vice President – Fred Busler

Secretary – Priya Balakrishnan

Treasurer – Mara White

Associate Member – Ajay Saxena

Associate Member – Raj Singh

Associate Member – Sidharthan Swaminathan