Team Organization

Students on Team 303 can be involved with team affairs and leadership in a variety of ways.

Parents and Mentors

The team parents and mentors are part of Team 303 RAMP, or, the Robotics Alliance of Mentors and Parents. Team 303 RAMP is a 501(c)3 organization, and works to support the students by mentoring them, providing additional funding, and organizing, such as concession stands at events and travel arrangements.

RAMP Website
Nick Schueler2020Team Manager
Cory White2020Team Manager
Natasha Mody2019Team Manager
Team Supervisor positions will soon be announced!
Coordinator Positions will soon be announced!

Co-President – Ed Schueler

Co-President – Srikant Bindiganavile

Vice President – Fred Busler

Secretary – Priya Balakrishnan

Treasurer – Mara White

Associate Member – Ajay Saxena

Associate Member – Sidharthan Swaminathan

Associate Member – Raj Singh