Team 303 is very passionate about reaching outwards into the community. The team organizes many events that they use to help the community. From spreading STEAM to raising money for charity the team strives to do all they can to help their community.

2021 Outreach Events

2021 Steam Fair

This year, Team 303 succesfully hosted their annual Steam Fair. 


Bridgewater-Raritan FMA District Competition - March/April 2013-2020

Every year, Team 303 hosts the Bridgewater-Raritan District Competition, an FRC event part of the FIRST Mid Atlantic region, at the Bridgewater-Raritan High School. Team members run interactive tables for event attendees. Some tables include a Social Media Table, a Games Table, and a Button Creation Station. Team members also assemble and take down the field, run a safety glasses sign out table, and offer assistance to competing teams and spectators.

Bridgewater-Raritan High School Clean Up - Spring & Fall 2015-2019

Team 303 volunteers to clean up litter around the Bridgewater-Raritan High School. The Team participates in this event every year in the spring and the fall. The team does this as a thank you to the school for sponsoring them.

STEAM Fair - 2016-2019

Every year since 2016, Team 303 has held a STEAM Fair. Over 200 people attended the inaugural 2016 event. Every year, team members organize over 30 booths related to STEAM, including the Marshmallow Challenge and Create Your Own Slime booths. The team has also invited organizations, such as Bihler, the Rutgers Society of Women Engineers, and the school district’s STEAM director, to run booths.

FTC Rookie Day - October 2012-2019

Team 303 members host an annual event for new FTC Teams. Members of 303 teach these FTC teams essential skills for success and give them a run-through of an actual competition. Many teams come to this event without a working robot and leave with a moving robot and the knowledge to be successful.

FLL Bridgewater-Raritan Brïk Rampage - November 2012-2019

Members of Team 303 have run this event every year in November, filling all positions except judge and head referee. 26 FLL teams attended this event. The team spent over 1000 man hours in total to make this event a success.

4H - August 2010-2019

Every summer since 2010, Team 303 showcases their past season’s robot at The Somerset County 4-H Fair. Team 303 shares their space in the Science Tent with FRC Teams 75 and 747 (formerly 869) as well as the 4-H’s FLL team, 5286.

Hillside Forest Fest - June 2015-2019

Bridgewater’s Hillside Intermediate School hosts Forest Fest every June, in which Team 303 brings their robot from that year and demonstrates it in the gym. Team members also host and judge the Solar Car competition which many young students participate in.

Middle School Technical Design Challenge - April 2015-2019

Students from the Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School come up with challenges and build a robot to complete them as best as possible. Team 303 members come to assist the children in building their robots and managing events.

Special Olympics - May 2015-2019

After School

STEAM Week - 2016-2019

In addition to the STEAM fair, Team 303 created a whole week dedicated to STEAM for all of their district’s nine elementary schools. All 2600 students in schools received packets for each day of the week, which contained activities for them to complete that corresponded to aspects of STEAM.

Hamilton Night of Code - 2018

Team 303 attended the event to promote programming, demonstrating the robot off to attendees. Members talked about how code is applied and the importance of programming in today’s world, as well as answering any questions about the robot.

Bridgewater Township Science Fairs - 2017-2020

Team 303 attends the various science fairs within Bridgewater’s school system to promote the team and STEAM. The team’s robot is demonstrated and any and all questions about the team are answered.

CSA Summer Programs Enrichment Sessions - Summer 2014-2018

Every summer, students of the team volunteer to be counselors for summer programs involving robotics and engineering to promote the ideals of FIRST to the younger generations.