Team 303 competed in their second district event April 8th-10th in Skillman, NJ. After advancing all the way to semifinals, the team took home the Imagery Award.

The T.E.S.T. Team 303 seeded in 1st, but despite a powerful alliance, the team could not beat the 5th seeded alliance, with teams 41, 56, and 5895. The first semi-final resulted in a tie based on points, so the referees had to go through the tie-breaker system. Both alliances had no fouls, and both had equal breach and capture points. So, the third tie-breaker was based on the cumulative sum of auto points. This, effectively, broke the tie in the other alliance’s favor. The second match was almost as close, with only a 10 point score difference. During the last 10 seconds, team 3314, Mechanical Mustangs, attempted to scale the tower. They managed to shoot the boulder they were carrying into the center high goal, but did not scale quickly enough for their attempts to count. Team 303 took their defeat with pride.

After watching some intense final rounds, Team 303 would make history again. As the team waited in anticipation, the announcer began to speak.

“On and off the field, this team has a pattern of success. Their identity is widely and easily broadcast throughout their town, and at their events. After testing the water with a new team image, they have found a pot of teal at the end of the rainbow. Congratulations, Team 303!”

Team 303 will advance to the Mid-Atlantic District Championship, and compete April 14-16, 2016.


The T.E.S.T. Team would like to thank: Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Systems, Inc. / STS Tire & Auto Centers / DOD Stem & Picatinny J&E Metal Fabricators / Huawei / Rotor Clip / 303 RAMP / ASCO / Yokogawa Electric

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